Tight-Assed Asian Porn

Asian porn, specifically the Oriental niche, is one that I find to be frustrating. The chicks are so fine. Lovely petite bodies, with perky tits and some with delicious disproportionate tits to their small frames making them look like real life Hentai babes.

I’d like to think that the majority of you reading this are heterosexual males and females of all sexualites.

Keep in mind now that I am commenting from a porn point of view: Straight hardcore needs to include both cock and pussy, or ass, in order for it to work. And then they go and censor it. What in the actual fuck!?

The other thing that I find a turn-off is that the average Asian males have tiny cocks. It’s just not fucking. But at least censorship hides that quite a bit. Oh wait, I think I get it now!

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