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How to use and types of sex dolls

The current design of full body size adult TPE sex dolls is getting closer and closer to real people, just like your lover, so then how much do you know about the use of medium boobs TPE sex dolls? Here we will tell the difference from the types of best deals sex dolls to the different types of sex dolls use.

Sex dolls are a kind of sex tool made in accordance with the size of a real person in a ratio of about 1:1, the role is to replace the real person to meet the sexual needs of people, Asian sex dolls sex organs with high silicone as the material.

The super real adult TPE sex doll is divided into male sex doll and female sex doll, the type of sex doll is also divided into inflatable dolls and TPE & silicone sex doll, and TPE & silicone sex doll is divided into full sex doll and half sex doll. TPE & silicone fantasy sex doll skin and real people are no different, the built-in mechanical skeleton can change any position.

How to use realistic male sex dolls. First of all, before using the most popular male sex doll, we need to prepare the tools are: male sex doll, lubricant, condoms and so on. The specific steps of how to use the fantasy muscular male sex doll please have: before using the sex doll vagina cleaning, and apply lubricant or put on a condom, now, please enjoy your tan skin male doll. After the end of the premium TPE sex doll to go to the necessary cleaning, and then dry with a clean towel, and finally put in the box for the next use.

Currently TPE & silicone young sexy sex dolls are one of the must-have items in the sex toy market and are very popular among buyers. Small breast wide hips sex doll she obeys, will not be noisy to you, will not overdraw your credit card, will always listen to your domination to your words, when you need to release energy, no need to worry about her emotions, will meet all your physical needs, the most important thing is that it is beautiful, sexy, gentle, and will never say goodbye to you. If you want to learn more about big boobs blonde hair light tan skin sex dolls or buy one, then doll store is your best choice.

Coming Clean to Your Partner About Your Sex Doll

For many of us, we enjoyed the company of having a sex doll huge ass lover in our bedrooms before we had a girlfriend or got married. But now we have a lover, so how do we come clean about our love for sex dolls?

Yes, you might feel embarrassed about it at first, but you need to be honest sooner rather than later. There’s nothing as bad as your partner accidentally coming across your sex doll. She’ll be so humiliated and hurt because she’ll think that her sexual presence and drive is not enough for you!

Nevertheless, coming clean to your girl or man about your sex doll fetish won’t be easy. So, we’ve compiled a list of viable ways in which you can casually break the ice and let them know that there’s a third party in your relationship…and you want them to stay!
Understand What Your Partner Likes in A Lover

What is your partner’s preference? Knowing what your partner likes can help you get the ideal sex doll for the both of you. Ideally, you can buy a sex doll here that meets both you and your partner’s needs before revealing it as a gift for your anniversary or birthday party.

You can also reveal the sex doll to your partner on an occasion where he or she feels loved. Indeed, you should make them feel as comfortable as possible before unveiling the new surprise.

Buy A Custom Sex Doll and Make It a Surprise

Despite all the negativity surrounding sex dolls, you’ll be glad to know that most sex dolls are beautiful, and most women tend to love them more than men do. So even if you do decide to surprise your girl with the sex doll, she’ll be more than happy to accept it because it’s a gift, and most women adore gifts!

The only difference is how you present it to her. Make sure that both of you are in good terms before bringing the sex doll into the equation. Additionally, make sure you address her feelings before and after you show the sex doll to her. Is she okay with you introducing it into your relationship?

Easing Her into A Threesome with the Sex Doll

One of the most pleasurable moments of your life can come from having a threesome with your partner and the sex doll.
So how do you go about doing this? Well, you can start by calling your partner while they are at work (or wherever they are) and telling them that you have a surprise for them. Plus, make sure you’ve set up the right mood in the bedroom.

We’re talking a few flowers here and there, some scented candles, and don’t forget to spruce things up with a great home-cooked meal to put her in the mood.

Now all you have to do is wait…

Once your partner gets home, treat them to all the niceties you’ve prepared, before revealing the torso doll. And if she’s into it, then it’s time to get hot and heavy in the bedroom!