Big Tits in Japan

You can get $30 off with the All Japanese Pass discount here which is exactly what I did when I realised that there was such a massive savings opportunity available to an entire network of sites. 22 sites to be exact all wrapped up in a single purchase deal cheaper than you would normally pay anywhere else for a single site membership to Japanese porn of this quality.

That’s 61% off on a 30-day pass leaving you a meagre $19.99 contribution if you’re in for the short game.

I am quite the fan of Japanese porn and this is not my first rodeo. This is value, there is no doubt about that and for this kind of volume and content I capitalised on the opportunity with a yearly membership. These are discounted by a massive 81% leaving me less than 10 bucks per month equivalent.

I’ve been stuck on the site Big Tits in Tokyo since joining and I have hardly scratched the surface. I am completely stoked so far. If you’re a fan of Japanese chicks then I recommend you check this out.