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Is This What Awaits Me In Thailand!?

I’m recently divorced and even though I’m not even all that old, my marriage lasted the second longest of my group of five mates. We have been pretty close friends since high school and twenty or so years later we are still good buds. Nonce of us seem to know how to keep a marriage together though 😀

So, when my divorce went through we had a celebration evening… why we celebrate these things I’m not sure but it made me feel better and actually it seemed to make everyone feel better and so we decided to tap into that and we started planning a holiday in Thailand which is coming up in January actually.

Five single guys in their early forties, all of us free again like when we were youngsters, except now we come packed with life experience. This is going to be epic and judging by what I see on this site… oh my!

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Thai Sluts Fuck Real Tourists

I have to be honest with you. I love Thai porn. Sure, Asian porn in general is hot as fuck. You can’t really go wrong with Japanese, or Korean… but whenever I get the chance to lay back and “tame the great dragon” I really only want one thing staring back at me on the screen. You guessed it. Hot Thai Sluts.

Tuk Tuk Patrol specializes in delivering Thai reality porn with only the best hand-picked babes with the perkiest tits and spankable assess. These are real amateur girls getting fucked by tourists on vacation. (They didn’t offer that on MY last trip to the Far East!) These beauties are run through the ringer with hardcore sex, blowjobs, threesomes, and plenty of girl-on-girl action too. I personally enjoy watching them taking wave after wave of hot sticky cum all over their tits and faces.

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Elite Asian Babes & Hot Porn Deals

Aren’t these babes sexy as fuck? Those lusty eyes are some that could kill; at least you’d die happy, right? Listen, you’ll want to take a gander at all the biggest porn discounts on hot Asian babes. There’s over 40 deals here. The girls aren’t all elite, some are trashy. That’s okay with you though, isn’t it? We’ve all got a little lust in our loins for those trashy babes too. Those hot messes and beautiful disasters are some of the wildest you’ll ever fuck around with.

Check out the Thai Chix for sure, and then there’s also some sexy Filipinas and raunchy Japanese girls, too. They’re taking cumloads to their pretty little faces, fucking around with their Sybian machines, dressing up in costumes and roleplaying, and getting nasty in GoGo Bars, plus so much more. We’ve got some hairy snatch and smooth babes here, too. You’ll also find teens and MILFs, though I will say, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. You usually can’t tell an Asian is older until they’re ancient!

Asian slut whimpers with each deep thrust

This month’s “business trip” to Thailand went even better than usual!  Normally, I have to look around for a bit, maybe even a day or two, to find a young asian whore who needs to be used and abused.  This time, I found one at the airport, and in five minutes flat we were in a taxi and headed to my room at the hotel.  This hot asian girl was ready before I could even get my key out of the door, so I just left it and crammed my cock in her mouth!  She kept trying to tell me how she wanted to be pregnant and carrying an American’s baby, and I acted like I was interested in what she had to say as I was pounding that tight Asian pussy… See the photo gallery of my latest trip at Bangkok Street Whores now!

Watch my moves: asian fuck and run

My job requires me to travel to Bangkok every month or so, and I take my camera and video equipment along for the ride because I know that you can’t get enough of my reality hardcore shoots with those horny little bangkok street whores!  This tight little asian slut is my latest conquest.  I met her in an open-air market and immediately moved in, convincing her that she would have such a better life if everyone knew she had an American’s baby… so I fucked that asian pussy for an hour and took off before she knew what happened.

Hot asian sex over in Thailand

I have always loved hot little asian sluts getting hardcore with foreigners (especially me)!  On my last trip to Thailand, I came across this sweet asian babe in my hotel bar and she didn’t waste any time letting me know that she was looking to get down and dirty with me so that I could give her a beautiful mixed baby!  Well, things moved pretty quickly, and in less than half an hour I had her clothes in a pile on the floor of my room and she had a mouthful of my dick!  I fucked that tight little asian pussy for over an hour before I blasted off inside of her…and I forgot to tell her I’ve been “fixed”!…