My Business Trip to Japan

Out of the blue the board at my company decided that I should accompany the marketing director of my firm to lend technical support to a brand new international multi-billion dollar corporation. I had never been to Japan, in fact I had never been overseas and I had no idea of the customs and has 1 day to prepare.

I believe it is very important to respect differences in cultures, customs, races, sexes, people in general and you can’t do that if you’re ignorant about others. I researched as much as I could in that one day while having a ton of preparation to do still regarding the actual business meeting.

Long story short, I ended up fucking our prospective new prestigious client’s CEO’s secretary, who he apparently had a crush on. It didn’t end well, let’s just say that. She looked quite some like Reon Otowa, the girl in picture and she gave me all the signs that she was into me.

To me, the trip was a great success.

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