These Models Orgasm Live

Realistic looking dildos were such a smart invention. Sex toys have probably been around forever, but the ones girls are using now, look so much like real skin that it’s incredible. There are even some companies that will take a mold of your cock and create a dildo just like it. Technology never ceases to amaze me and it isn’t at all surprising that so much of it is used for sexual purposes. What’s the point of having all these advancements if they can’t be used for pleasure?

Sex chat sites are full of babes using a wide variety of tools to get themselves off while you watch. Asian girls are of course my favorites, especially the ones who will squirt for me. I really like when they use a Sybian with a cock attachment. A Sybian is a motorized sex machine. It looks sort of like a saddle and there are a variety of accessories that can be used. Some simply sit on a ribbed pad and let the vibrations stimulate their clit. More adventurous girls attach a rubber dick and get fucked silly.

Next time you do XXX Asian chat, pay attention to the toys. It gives a good idea of what kind of girl the model really is.