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Mechanic bangs Kyanna Lee

Kyanna Lee Sex

Well Mikey had just finished his last repair and was about to get ready to go home when he heard someone come in. It was a hot Asian girl named Kyanna Lee who was super sexy and in some trouble. She was in a fender bender and did not want her husband to know because he would be very angry, so she needed it fixed immediately! Mikey took a quick look at it, and told her it would cost about $500 and the next day to fix it! Kyanna did not have $500 on her but she had another idea. She offered him something very differnt in return to get it fixed now and Mikey being the horny guy that he is, willingly accepted! In a flash she was giving him one hell of an Asian blowjob until he took her in the office and banged her sweet pussy as much as he could, making her take a load on the chin for him working late tonight…